Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fwd: Eco Cycle - What ideas are new, growing, mature, ready to die?

From: Greg Myers <>
Date: February 14, 2015 at 1:29:03 PM PST
Subject: Eco Cycle - What ideas are new, growing, mature, ready to die?

Greg Myers
Feb 13 11:10 am

This is a Liberating Structure, and the question was "What ideas in the Agile community are new, growing, mature, ready to die?"

The model gets is based on an analogy of the ecological lifecycle of a forest, with seeds, germinating plants, mature fruit-bearding plans and finally creative destruction.

The group generated ideas in each of these categories, then worked to identify patterns and next steps (if any)

Here is an image of the tool, from

Here is a picture of our completed map:

Some of the discussion included:
the idea that many of the new ideas might be invisible to us, since they have not "sprouted" yet.

Seed ideas
- Mob programming
- Flow of value (as opposed to fixed cost or time and materials) contract
- Working as a group (as opposed to pairing or Liberating Structures)
- Holocracy (or other new management styes)
- Continuous testing
- Agility as a business model
- Eliminating metrics

Germinating Ideas
- Customer Leadership and Driver
- No Estimating
- Continuous Planning
- Cloud-based services
- Walk the board standup
- Customer info security considerations
- Systems thinking
- Humanizing working environments
- refactoring
- Continuous delivery

Mature ideas
- XP Practices
- Continuous Delivery
- Self-organizing teams and systems
- small stories
- Retrospective
- Product Owner embedded with Team
- Incremental Delivery
- Frequent delivery
- Cross-Team Coordination Structures
- Quarterly Planning (caught in rigidity trap and should be killed off)

Ideas that should die off
- Off the shelf software
- 3 question standups
- Metrics used outside the team
- Functional organizations with matrix teams
- Every team member expected to be able to do everything
- Fixed bid contracts
- Rigid notions of Scrum ceremonies

The above could use additional curating, and were not rigorously scrubbed.

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