Friday, February 13, 2015

HiPPO Manifesto

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  1. Here are some notes that I captured from the post-its

    Things we'd like HiPPOs to value:
    * Encourage focus/prioritize
    * Trust
    * The Organization is the product we produce
    * Resolving organizational impediments
    * [Providing a safe environment because] people won't take risks if they don't feel safe
    * Quarterly/incremental/periodic budgeting
    * Incentives that align with our values
    * Servant leader(ship)
    * Empower Teams
    * Self-organizing is empowerment not loss of control
    * Capacity is a valid boundary
    * Sharing the successes of the Teams [with their peers, for instance]
    * Hiring people who align with our values
    * Teach [about] and show off your organization
    * Sustainable pace
    * It's a journey not a destination
    * Accept the process
    * Encourage mistakes
    * Collaboration
    * Ability to self-reflect. Willing to change.
    * Stable Teams
    * Be Open
    * Continuous learning
    * Optimize the value stream
    * Customer value first
    * Respect for people (we are all people!)
    * Flexible scope/embrace change
    * Systems Thinking
    * Training celebration
    * Reward Team excellence
    * Management resiliency (over control)
    * Value predictability over pumping out features
    * Make the work of management visible
    * Transparent (management backlog)
    * Leave space for innovation
    * Stable teams
    * Be open

    Current thinking that we'd like to revisit
    * Metrics. Metrics are evil.

    Questions that we have:
    * [What to do about] Waterfall reports?
    * What is the authentic work of a Manager (Manager Team)?
    * Budgeting in Agile
    * What are Management's values today?
    * Does your system reflect your values today?
    * We need the Agile Jack Welch [to write a book that everyone will read]
    * What do shareholders value in Agile?
    * What does an Agile CEO look like? How does she behave?
    * The authentic work of a CEO is to deliver the company's culture
    * Have we heard about a CEO who is a servant leader?
    * Do we need "Extreme Management" to match "Extreme Programming"?
    * Refactoring organizations? Small experiments like "unit tests"?

    We took a look at the Agile Manifesto and asked ourselves "What about the Agile Manifesto is NOT appropriate for Managers?" Out of the four big statements in the manifesto, it seemed that "valuing working software over comprehensive documentation" doesn't speak to the authentic work of Managers because they don't (directly) deliver working software. We brainstormed some modification, but we only got as far as "valuing working Teams (or an Organization that delivers) over monthly metrics (or following a process blindly)". We still need to work on that.